Corporate executives will enjoy our gatherings because they are constantly faced with resistance to change, as the organization strives to move forward!   The quicker the people in the organization embrace change, growth and expansion can manifest.


  iHeart Radio Personality Dr. Erica A. Murray  will be recording live at

   each gathering for her "top hit" radio show, "The Ultimate International

 Business Experience".  Participants will have an opportunity to share

   their experiences about the gathering, tell their personal stories and

   more.   Some will even have the chance to record soundbites!

Friends should grow together and change and transformation will catapult each of you to a new dimension.  The best aspect of attending this gathering together is that you can challenge each other to a greater paradigm of excellence in life.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from these gatherings because it will provide a visual of not only how to personally embrace change, but also, learn change techniques to teach your employees and implement into your organization as a whole.


   MediaMax Production  camera crews will be at each "Change and  

    Transformation" gathering recording the host and iHeart Radio Personality 

   and author Dr. Erica A. Murray as she facilitates each session.  In addition, 

   participants will have an opportunity to become a part of an upcoming

   television series with Dr. Murray, through interviews and session

   interactions. All participants will be asked to sign a media release form upon

   entry into the facility.



Welcome to the CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION  Gathering website!  We invite you to join our transformational mastermind classes for guaranteed results.  The YEAR of 2016 has been deemed "the year of change and

 TRANSFORMATION!"  We only have one (1) question forYOU...Are you ready to CHANGE and TRANSFORM specific AREA(S) of your Life?